Simulated Environment Concepts, Inc. is a revolutionary company founded in 97 by visionary medical professionals Dr. Ella Frenkel and Dr. Ilya Spivak with the driving desire to create the most advanced, self-contained and full-spectrum relaxation system ever devised.

They succeeded: the SpaCapsule® is the ultimate fusion of ancient and modern relaxation therapies including massage, aromatherapy, and soothing audio/visual stimuli all bundled into a standalone, compact and ergonomic unit that is easy to set up, maintain, and can readily be administered in commercial spaces as a “spa-experience” vending machine.

In this capacity, it is also one of the world’s premiere marketing tools, whether a small business like a salon wants to bring in more traffic or increase customer time, or an executive wants to impress clients and relax at the office, the SpaCapsule® is an enticing and powerful business tool which can generate capital directly and indirectly.

Candace Corlett, a partner at NY retail consulting firm WSL Strategic Retail, pointed out the shift by savvy entrepreneurs to offer the kind of “treatments and services that used to be reserved for the rich and famous” via such systems, which are economically accessible to the mainstream, making them a huge selling point for a variety of small businesses.

“The spa lifestyle is trickling down to the middle class”, said Corlett.

The SpaCapsule® is a “masseuse on-the-go”, allowing users to remain fully clothed and experience the rewards of years of R&D by SMEV in creating the most advanced, realistic and effective massage experience with their secret Pressure-Jet Technology™, which uses computerized controls to deliver pulsed pressure with subtlety and incredible precision to achieve the maximum of pleasure and satisfaction.

Kristina Schuff, the co-owner of Puur Spa in San Diego, CA, noted how perfect the SpaCapsule® was both for the business and the clientele, citing its ease of use as ideal for “time-constrained clients who must have convenience”.

With today’s hectic lifestyles, this kind of system – which lets you jump right in and receive a complete spa experience and then jump right out and get back to your schedule – has a sort of mystical appeal which is now amazingly in striking distance for customers at just about any suitable venue, but is also available in a 110-volt SpaCapsule® Anywhere version for home and office.

The dizzying array of selections for the SpaCapsule’s® aromatherapy system (over 120 essential oils), which comes standard (like the video, audio and session counter/accounting system, all standard and included in price, unlike SMEV’s competitors) are delivered by a sophisticated aroma diffuser that soothes the olfactory senses, released in a unique computer-controlled way to achieve maximum benefit and enjoyment without disturbing the external environment.

The SpaCapsule® comes preloaded with A/V programs, from LightSOURCE, designed to enable the user’s preference for creative meditation, trancework, restoration and revitalization of the senses, attainment of creative visualization, the benefits from creative problem solving, or to just enjoy brainstorming for new ideas, and with its plug-and-play capability the SpaCapsule® allows you to connect any external source to create your own A/V experience to accompany the massage and aromatics.

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