Simulated Environment Concepts, Inc. was founded by Dr. Ella Frenkel and Dr. Ilya Spivak, who jointly designed and engineered the Company’s flagship product, the SpaCapsule®, in order to satisfy the demands introduced by today’s increasingly hectic lifestyles, which produce an acute need for precisely this kind of sleek, express relaxation system which takes advantage of advancements in automation and computerization and conforms to maturing attitudes towards esthetics and the state of technology.

The beauty, intuitive usability, and elegance of design crafted into the SpaCapsule belies its performance capabilities, which offer unheard of on-demand relaxation via the fusion of the very best of ancient and contemporary massage, aromatherapy and audio/visual (AV) relaxation techniques.

From the inception of the idea behind the SpaCapsule system, the goal of SMEV’s founding visionaries was to apply a comprehensive knowledge of medicine and the human body to create a device which is both esthetically pleasing and which, in one package, offers full-spectrum relaxation that addresses all the human senses of sight, smell, touch and hearing, in a way that appeals instinctively to the human sense of beauty.

The year 2000 saw the culmination of efforts by SMEV’s founders who, drawing on the vast experience of a team of assembled electronic engineers hand-picked from the ranks of Mercedes Benz Corp. (renowned in automotive circles for the craftsmanship of its engineering), as well as their own eminent expertise, produced the world’s premiere standalone relaxation system, the SpaCapsule.

Representing the tireless efforts of both doctors and everyone involved, the SpaCapsule is the realization of the founders’ dreams of revolutionizing the leisure industry, and is easily the most esthetically appealing, ergonomically sound, intuitively computerized, easily accessible and affordable system in its class, and is virtually unmatched by its competitors, which all look like iron lungs out of some kind of dreary industrial landscape.

The SpaCapsule looks like something out of a big-budget sci-fi epic, and while it isn’t quite a holodeck yet, it does immerse the user in a full-spectrum relaxation experience, offering what is currently the most realistic and satisfying massage on the market, thanks to the painstakingly engineered and SMEV proprietary Secret Pulse-Jet Technology, which uses computer-controlled, precision pulsed pressure to maximize pleasure and efficacy – all without the user even having to remove a stitch of clothing.

From the pump to the jets themselves, and including all the other key component systems, SMEV has custom-engineered every part of the system to achieve unparalleled performance and reliability, resulting in the most incredible massage experience available, which allows users to walk in off the street and enjoy the boutique lifestyle at a fraction of the cost.

By bundling aromatherapy, a complete AV suite, and the sophisticated massage performance parameters into one easily accessible package, SMEV has produced a device which transcends machinery into the realm of familiarity and necessity, making the SpaCapsule more than just a relaxation system; it is a status symbol and an inviting place to be.

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