Simulated Environment Concepts Inc. – developers of the ultimate massage, de-stressing, weight loss, anti-cellulite and anti-aging system, the SpaCapsule®, continue to win the approval of grateful consumers looking to remediate the stress of today’s hectic lifestyles, as well as the back pain so many people today suffer from.

Doctors Ilya Spivak and Ella Frenkel, founders of the Company and inventors of the revolutionary dry-water massage system, related one of the amazing stories the SpaCapsule has produced so far.

Ricki Kaneti was ailing with back pain and stressed out from the non-stop life of modern real estate when she discovered the SpaCapsule while at her chiropractor. After a single use, Kaneti was so impressed with the system that she purchased one immediately. Kaneti has since called the system “out of this world”, and found it so convenient and relaxing that it gave her a whole new outlook on life.

This sleek and beautiful-looking system, which allows users to remove just their shoes and hop in fully clothed as a thin sheet of waterproof material keeps them dry while computerized pressure jets deliver the most effective simulation of an actual massage in existence, is a mere eight feet long and 550 lbs when fully loaded. Used by the inventors and their employees in their own showroom for relaxation, the system gets raves from everyone else who tries it as well, and users note how the combination of massage, aromatherapy, audio and visual stimulation enhance peace of mind and bolster mood.

Productivity increases are the natural result of this amazing mood boosting system, which also has profound medical significance when de-stressing and massage are accounted for.

The system is also an upscale draw for venues like tanning salons, and has seen a robust uptake from corporate office and individual homeowners as well.

With just a handful of startup capital raised from family and friends, Spivak and Frenkel decided to stop practicing as chiropractors and develop the system to fill a gap in the overall market. After debuting the SpaCapsule in 2001 and receiving two patents in 2002, they now manufacture and sell the SpaCapsule from their Aventura facility.

Frenkel noted that the European market shows even greater potential than has yet been realized, and the Company is looking for investors abroad because – as Spivak points out, “stress is global, and a relaxing environment is a healing environment.”

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