Simulated Environment Concepts Inc. has expanded tremendously since the company’s inception only a few short years ago. Early investors in the company have experienced unbelievable returns (take a look at share price over the past year), and all signs suggest that this is just the beginning of a worldwide expansion.

How have they done it? You might call it the perfect storm, an almost ideal mix of product, market, and management, that has turned the dream of two Florida doctors into a potential economic hurricane.

All of it started when Dr. Ella Frankel and Dr. Ilya Spivak began to recognize that there was a huge market for quick and affordable therapeutic massage and stress relief that could never be met by traditional offerings. Inspired by their own research into human physiology and biomechanics, they joined forces with a team of electronic engineers (formerly with Mercedes Benz Corp.). After extensive research and engineering, the team came up with SpaCapsule, a remarkable computer driven system, able to integrate sight, hearing, smell, and touch, into an automated massage and anti-stress experience unmatched anywhere in the world.

They knew they had a market for their product, which they soon covered with two patents. But the next element of the mix, a successful marketing and distribution engine, required creative management, along with the financing necessary to support expansion. It became clear that they could rapidly grow the company by letting others share in the rewards of their unique and much needed product. They set up a program showing budding entrepreneurs and existing business owners just how easy it was to use SpaCapsule to generate continuous income. With SpaCapsule, people could start up their own business, profitable from the very first day, or significantly augment their existing business income. It wasn’t long before they were getting orders from all over the world, orders which they had to meet. Fortunately, people soon recognized the possibilities, and outside investment resources provided, and continue to provide, all the funding necessary to grow.

Today, Simulated Environment Concepts continues its upward climb, with no end in site, a tribute to the founders who remain dedicated to the idea of growing by simply meeting the needs of others, both users and entrepreneurs.

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