There’s a new doctor in Ireland. It’s called SpaCapsule, a self-contained massage and sensory stimulation system from Simulated Environment Concepts. Ireland is one of the latest in a string of countries slowly being seduced by the unique combination of hardware and software that does far more than simply provide a refreshing clothes-on water massage. One of the growing attractions of the system is its amazing ability to actually reduce cellulite and enhance skin tone in as little as ten 15-minute sessions. It does this at the same time that it reduces stress and improves mindset.

The real life benefits of SpaCapsule are no surprise when you realize that SpaCapsule was, in fact, designed by doctors, people who have spent years seeing the serious negative effects of stress on both the mind and body. To them, SpaCapsule was always meant to be therapeutic, not just immensely enjoyable. To do this required the sophisticated integration of multiple components, resulting in a synchronized program of audio and visual stimulation, together with aroma and even oxygen therapy, as well as a healthy water massage.

The massage process does not require the user to remove their clothes, making it easy to use in doctors’ offices, clinics, spas, and almost any public location. The fact that SpaCapsule is stand-alone, requiring no special plumbing or unusual power supply, adds to its business attractiveness. Another important feature designed into the system is the fact the user’s head is not covered, avoiding the sense of claustrophobia common in many other hydro massage products.

Although SpaCapsule is designed and produced in the U.S., it is already being sold all over the world, including major recent distribution contracts in Europe and the Middle East. When Graham Gibbons tried out SpaCapsule in the U.S., he decided to import the capsules to Ireland. It’s a common story, where the SpaCapsule experience becomes the best salesman.

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