Simulated Environment Concepts, Inc., creators of the revolutionary SpaCapsule massage and environment pod, is in the vanguard of what is being called the Retail Relaxation Marketplace. It’s where an increasing number of people think that the retail spa industry is headed. Right now the industry consists largely of individual shops, thousands of them, mostly day spas, sometimes simple, sometimes elaborate, together with some spa chains.

For many people, especially women, a trip to the spa has become more of a routine and less of an occasional luxury. Indeed to some it’s as much a necessity as their morning coffee. They go there to escape, to relax, to feel pampered, and perhaps even to capture a form of safe intimacy and sense of well being. But although there is clearly a huge and growing demand, there is almost no dependable consistency, no way of knowing exactly what to expect from one shop to another. Even within the relatively few larger chains, there can be a wide variation in the nature and quality of the experience.

Part of this, of course, is due to the diversity of the operators and personnel involved. In one place you might get a massage from a highly experienced professional, but one who insists on doing things their way only. In another place, the staff may have almost no experience, and may not even be able to speak English. If you are lucky enough to find the person you want, you can only hope that they’ll be there when you come back, a doubtful prospect in a high turnover industry.

In addition, there’s the element of cost. Although demand is solid and growing, a large segment of that market simply cannot afford regular trips to a spa. And, in some communities, the selection of affordable spas is extremely limited. Convenience is another imperative. People don’t have time to drive all over town for the one spa that can fit their needs. In the case of business travelers, the target market may not be able to leave the confines of the airport.

What is needed is a way to replicate what Starbucks did for coffee shops: be there, be consistent, and be affordable. And that’s exactly what SpaCapsule offers the Retail Relaxation Marketplace. With its advanced computer controlled operation, SpaCapsule combines a sophisticated massage with a variety of audio, visual, and even aroma inputs. The result is controlled variability, meaning the user has a wide choice of parameters, but with absolute dependability and consistency. Moreover, the operator does not require any particular experience to ensure a perfect performance every time, at a reasonable price. Anywhere in the country, or the world, SpaCapsule gives the user what they want, every time.

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