Simulated Environment Concepts, Inc. today announced in a press release that the company anticipates their retaining of the AJENE WATSON, LLC, New York private lending and financial business development and management firm, will help the company reposition itself within the marketplace as it looks forward to a prosperous 2010.

“It is our expectation that under the guidance of AJENE WATSON, LLC, our company will achieve the success imagined when we first began nearly 10 years ago,” stated Dr. Ella Frenkel, Chairwoman and CEO of Simulated Environment Concepts, Inc., makers of SpaCapsule.

The company was founded with the purpose of designing and manufacturing health, fitness, and beauty equipment as well as holistic cosmetic products to meet the growing demands of a 200 billion dollar industry. From year-to-year the company has grown its sales and number of distribution channels with little to no guidance within the public markets. However, with the collapse of credit and financial markets, the company has realized the need to work towards growth and success within the public arena as a means to continue forwarding operations.

“My partners and I initially funded this venture with millions of dollars of our own capital,” stated Dr. Ilya Spivak, Managing Partner. “We firmly believe in physical, emotional and mental wellness. This is partially what led us to create our flagship product — SpaCapsule. We were challenged by the effects of going public. However, we were strengthened by the public acceptance of our product and business model with a growing belief that our company would still become a valued investment among shareholders.”

Those close to Simulated Environment Concepts have indicated that the company sought out the services of AJENE WATSON, LLC at the urging of its investors. Impressed by the list of referrals, further evidenced by the firm’s success with meeting objectives for both private and publicly traded companies, management engaged AJENE WATSON, LLC as the company’s lead consultant in August of 2009.

“We became aware of Simulated Environment Concepts back in March of ‘09,” stated Ajene Watson, Executive Managing Member of AJENE WATSON, LLC. “After several meetings and months of due diligence and evaluation, we came to the conclusion that of the many companies which courted us this year, Simulated Environment Concepts was indeed one of the more promising ventures.”

Recognized for assisting start-up, small and/or fledgling companies with restructuring, organizing, developing and deploying long term business plans, the financial business development and management division of AJENE WATSON, LLC was signed to a 15-month, $1.2 million consulting agreement in August. The firm receives compensation in the form of cash, restricted stock and preferred shares — with restricted and preferred stock constituting roughly 97% of payment.

“For the past several years, Simulated Environment Concepts consistently generated a couple million dollars yearly,” said Watson. “Even with the collapse of the financial markets, the company managed to maintain the interest of customers willing to spend up to $30k for a SpaCapsule. With a fabulously broad domestic and international market, these futuristic and stylish capsule-shaped relaxation stations, in my humble opinion, screamed opportunity; an opportunity to be part of an effort promoting health and wellness throughout the world, in various marketplaces. With companies such as Google offering lunchtime meditation sessions to its employees, I strongly believe that relaxation products like SpaCapsule will come to be widely used and accepted.”

Watson added, “There is nothing worse than a good company that’s not given fair investment-market recognition. Simulated Environment Concepts is one of those penny stock companies that does not deserve negative connotation, especially given the experience of management and quality of the product. I firmly believe that with our expertise, the global appeal of the SpaCapsule, management’s experience, market transparency and extreme corporate discipline, people will react positively — resulting in unquestionable value for the company.”

Dr. Frenkel concluded, “What we’ve come to learn about this firm is that they are unlike any other group in the financial services industry we’ve encountered. Aside from the experience and acumen the team brings, they are a very patient and dedicated group. Sincere about seeing you succeed, they seem to give far more than what they take. We have many great opportunities available that we believe will make 2010 a huge success, and with the assistance of AJENE WATSON, LLC, success seems eminent.”

Some feel the engagement of AJENE WATSON, LLC has already begun to improve Simulated Environment Concepts internally. Now able to take advantage of several opportunities which can secure revenues for the next three to four years, Simulated Environment Concepts appears stable and on-track.

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