Over the years, Simulated Environment Concepts Inc. (SEC) has been recognized as the most innovative and leading provider of massage equipment. The company’s products are distributed in the United States and over 30 other countries.

SpaCapsule and SpaCapsule Anywhere are self-contained, full body massage systems aroma-therapy units, audio and video entertainment systems packaged into one futuristic capsule-shaped relaxation station. SpaCapsule products can be used as a general tool for relaxation and massage, a medical product or an integral part of a weight loss and cellulite reduction regimen.

SpaCapsule was invented and perfected by doctors and physicians who are on-staff at Simulated Environment Concepts. These doctors are experts on human physiology and biomechanics. This emphasis on technology and innovation, along with the company’s vision, is why Simulated Environment Concepts is distinctly different from its competitors.

Here is a brief overview of the highlights in the company’s history:

• August 2002 – SEC Inc. was granted its first United States patent
• August 2004 – SEC Inc. successfully defended its patent in federal court.
• Just after two years from the finished prototype, the company was able to reach full production and establish a worldwide presence.
• July 2005 – SEC Inc. was granted its second United States patent.
• Just within three years of its inception, the company was able to show a net profit.
• August 2005 – SEC Inc. was able to extend its manufacturer’s warranty from one year to 2 years.
• December 2005 – SEC Inc. designed and manufactured the SpaCapsule Anywhere – a 110 volt version of the original SpaCapsule.
• October 2006 – SEC Inc. launched its own SpaCapsule Business Solution System, offering solid marketing strategies and practical business guidance.
• January 2007 – at the Sport and Recreation Tech Trade Show in Rotterdam, Netherlands, the SpaCapsule won the Leisure Trend Award 2007 for being the ‘most original profit center’.

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