Simulated Environment Concepts, Inc., well-known for its innovative, full-spectrum, self-contained massage and relaxation system, the SpaCapsule, recently disclosed that the Company has secured a multi-million dollar deal with French company Zen & O to produce 250 SpaCapsules over the next four years, effectively expanding SMEV’s market into Europe.

President and CEO of SMEV Dr. Ella Frenkel spoke of the contract as a “clear indication that the personal wellness industry continues to thrive globally” despite a flagging economy. Frenkel revealed this contract had been in the hopper since May 2009, requiring multiple mutual visits between the USA and France before finally signing and securing a payment, in December of 2009, which represents “the first order of the New Year”.

Zen & O is a leader in France’s growing fitness and related retail sector, offering massage and therapy solutions at various retail locations to busy professionals and other on-the-go consumers. According the Zen & O executives, the targeted market which will be accessed via the SpaCapsule purchase will be massage and cellulite treatments at malls.

Stephane Tournier, a manager for Zen & O’s mall operations arm, Aquadetente, was quick to point out the remarkable usability features that make the SpaCapsule stand out among competitors – features which make it ideal for use in malls, where consumers “can have a dry aqua massage without undressing or getting wet”. It also allows consumer to obtain treatment while “watching video, listening to music, and inhaling scented oxygen”, or even listening to their own portable mp3 player.

Tournier was overjoyed to be moving from the outdated competing technology made by AquaMassage, which – while successful in testing the business model concept – ultimately looks and feels archaic next to the “technological and aesthetic superiority” of the SpaCapsule. The SpaCapsule, Torunier noted, also utilizes “the latest computer technology for accounting and usage tracking”.

CEO of Lady Fitness Center Harve Rivoal, a client of SMEV and operator of 54 locations throughout central Europe, spoke of the SpaCapsule and its centerpiece function for his company, boasting that it offered the ideal solution to his customer base, who wanted to be able to have a “total fitness experience – from workout to massage to cellulite treatments”.

Rivoal noted that the SpaCapsule brought an attractive range of services without requiring additional personnel, a feature that will allow his company to achieve “increased revenues with reduction in payroll and associated costs”.

SMEV Managing Partner Dr. Spivak said that the contract was a “milestone” for the Company, noting how SMEV guided the negotiations skillfully. Spivak said this contract would provide “revenue stability for many years to come”, and the products being used and displayed prominently in European retail locations would serve as “mini showrooms” for new customers.

Spivak seemed excited about wrapping up 2009 in such a way, and said the Company was “currently assembling the first order of the New Year and anticipated on-time delivery”. Spivak also revealed a forward-looking strategy to “increase our new affiliate’s sales with new marketing initiatives and incentives”.

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