Simulated Environment Concepts Inc., maker of the SpaCapsule – the award-winning, self-contained, full body automated massage system and relaxation device, believes that their product can be a boon to the hotel industry. Having the SpaCapsule available for a hotel’s customers is a good way to stay a step ahead of the competition and have a profitable business.

The SpaCapsule enhances a hotel guests experience. They will feel as if they have been to a spa after they enjoy the SpaCapsule’s unique massage, aromatherapy and audio-visual relaxation features. Having the SpaCapsule in a hotel’s health club gives it an immediate ‘upgrade’ and is much cheaper than having a masseuse on call for hotel guests 24/7.

Adding the SpaCapsule to a hotel is a quick and easy way to get better reviews and add ’stars’ to their rating. It is the most progressive, most complete, ergonomically sound, fully automated relaxation device on-the-go! It requires no licensing, no experience and no constant supervision. It is a carefree device requiring no extra room or plumbing and works with standard electric power.

The convenient token and/or currency acceptor enables the SpaCapsule to be a non-stop money-maker, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Simulated Environment Concepts also helps hotels with their marketing and advertising campaigns for the SpaCapsule, using the SpaCapsule as a tool for getting new customers and retaining old customers.

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