High intensity and stress of everyday life creates a society that has the need to relax. Long work hours and limited time to relax make people demand services with easy accessibility offering quick and efficient relaxation in whatever environment they can find it – home, office, gym, etc. The need for the 24/7, “computerized masseuse” on demand has become inevitable. Modern society urgently requires a readily-accessible device that can quickly and efficiently relax a person on demand.

The SpaCapsule from Simulated Environment Concepts Inc. is an automated hydro-massage device that can efficiently relax and rejuvenate a stressed out person anytime, anywhere. The SpaCapsule was created in a joint effort by a group of doctors, experts in human physiology and biomechanics, and a team of electronic engineers with long-standing experience of working for the Mercedes Corporation.

The device is an incredible fusion of advanced materials, “secret pulse-jet technology” and time-tested healing methods of massage, aromatherapy and audio-visual relaxation techniques. It is a no-hassle way to relax – no oils or lotions, no undressing or touching from strangers. And SpaCapsule is the only device of its kind that is designed and endorsed by doctors.

SpaCapsule is the ideal device for businesses such as spas, health clubs, medical clinics, tanning salons, etc. It is a care free device with no plumbing or extra space required, is very easy to set-up, use and maintain and it operates on standard electric power. In addition, it requires no licensing. It is a sound way to generate more business.

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