Simulated Environment Concepts was pleased to announce the success it had with yesterday’s shareholder conference. The company made some key and exciting announcements while providing greater transparency and offering full disclosure.

“This was indeed an exciting conference call,” exclaimed Dr. Ella Frenkel, President & CEO of Simulated Environment Concepts (SE Concepts). “It was a welcomed opportunity to speak directly with our shareholders; offering insights into our company they may not have had otherwise. It was a liberating feeling and we certainly intend to have additional calls in the future.”

Dr. Frenkel and SE Concepts’ Chief Operating Officer Mr. Allen Licht led the call. The two executives discussed the company’s past, present and future expectations of both the company and its flagship product, the SpaCapsule. They also offered clarity on subjects that at times were sensitive, critical and exciting.

During the call, SE Concepts announced the formal engagement of a certified accounting/audit firm that specializes in working with publicly traded companies. Malone-Bailey, LLP, with offices in Houston and New York, will conduct an audit of the company — with the full expectations of filing with the SEC by May 15th, 2011 — to obtain Fully Reporting status and uplisting to a higher exchange.

The company also told investors that it is currently in talks with professionals within both the medical and fitness communities to develop co-branding partnerships that would accelerate explosive sales growth amongst Physical Therapy Centers and Fitness Franchises. Some of the first co-branding relationships may be finalized as early as the 2nd quarter. The company also revealed a long-term strategy to develop its own brand of franchise, stating that they anticipate having an expert franchise operator on board by or within the 3rd quarter.

“We’ve filed our FDA application as intended, we identified the California research firm covering our company, and spoke about our current and future fundraising plans. I do believe that on this call, we gave our shareholders full accountability which is exactly what they should want from the management of a pink sheet company,” Dr. Frenkel concluded.

Those close to the company applauded the management team’s candor. Covering many sensitive topics such as the capitalization structure of the company (including authorized shares), dilution and convertible debt funding, the company demonstrated a sense of honesty and transparency that speaks to the management’s desire to build a successful public company with the full support of its shareholders.

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