Simulated Environment Concepts Inc., makers of the SpaCapsule® self-contained massage and wellness system, reports that its French distributor, Zen & O, may outpace estimated distribution schedules for the 250+ capsule agreement signed at the end of 2009. Zen & O, which had planned on starting slow, initially planned for only 25 of the units, but is already on pace for well over 100 machines by 2011. At the current rate, SEC could realize the total value of its multi-million dollar agreement with Zen & O more than a year earlier than expected.

Dr. Ella Frenkel, Chairman and CEO of SEC, said, “We are preparing our third shipment of SpaCapsules to Zen & O. This is a strong indication of the SpaCapsule’s success in France, not only as a highly seductive relaxation vehicle, but as a well regarded tool to aid in weight loss and cellulite reduction.”

The president of Zen & O, Stephan Tournier, added, “We are very happy with the opportunity to work with SE Concepts by distributing the SpaCapsule in France. We have generated a significant amount of interest in just six months, and we’re just getting started. We have successfully begun to install the SpaCapsule within the Lady Fitness Franchise in Paris, Lyon, and Luxembourg. Weight loss and cellulite reduction is big business here. Within our health and fitness circles, the SpaCapsule is seen as a post workout apparatus that both relaxes and calms the mind and body while continuing to effectuate weight loss and tackle undesired cellulite. Response from our clientele, and particularly women, has been overwhelmingly positive. We have also been successful at placing the SpaCapsule in many of the prominent malls around France and intend to increase our scope of distribution after attending one of the year’s largest pan-European cosmetic shows in October.”

As if that weren’t enough, SEC now indicates that a similar situation could possibly play out with the company’s new UAE distributor, I. SEPTA Co. Ltd.

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