Simulated Environmental Concepts Inc. has global aspirations for its flagship product, SpaCapsule®, the revolutionary self-contained water massage and stress-relief system. Its ambitions are made clear by the global oriented functionalities programmed into SpaCapsule’s advanced touch-screen controlled computer system.

Amazingly, the sophisticated controls can be preset at the factory, or by the user, to operate in any language in the world, with no limits. We’re talking about thousands of potential languages. It’s all part of the company’s guarantee that they can deliver a quality product to absolutely any country, accommodating local users in their native language, at no extra cost. Besides English, SpaCapsule’s GUI interface has already been programmed for users in the following major languages, to name just a few:

• Spanish
• German
• French
• Italian
• Korean
• Russian
• Ukrainian
• Czech
• Portuguese
• Chinese
• Japanese
• Arabic

A global presence, of course, requires far more than just a flexible world-oriented user interface, as important as that is. It calls for a product that has a truly international demand, offering something that users all over the world find compelling. With SpaCapsule, that compelling offering is increasingly taking the form of a powerful new revenue source for small (and large) businesses. Service companies of all types are desperately in need of new income streams to fill the gaps left by today’s shaky global economy.

The people at Simulated Environment Concepts constantly hear about salon owners, therapy centers, spas, and other vendors who have found the solution in SpaCapsule, sometimes doubling their previous income by simply giving their customers the SpaCapsule option. The integrated water massage, aromatherapy, and audio/visual relaxation experience provided by SpaCapsule offers an easy escape that harried consumers all over the world seem to be looking for. It’s this fundamental but compelling benefit that drives SpaCapsule’s growing demand, making the whole world a ripe market.

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