One of the key points made in a recent shareholders talk given by Dr. Ella Frenkel, President and CEO of Simulated Environment Concepts, was the transforming effect on the company caused by changes in their sales and marketing approach. The increased publicity received by their flagship product, SpaCapsule®, together with their shift to a distributor based sales model, has dramatically increased global sales while reducing per-unit marketing costs.

SpaCapsule, the company’s pioneering hydro-massage and personal sensory system, has been featured in the New York Times and other news publications, as well as in various prestigious catalogs, such as Hammacher-Schlemmer, Frontgate, and Neiman Marcus. It has also gotten publicity on nationally syndicated television shows, like Good Morning America and The Doctors.

But perhaps the biggest change has been the company’s move to a distributor-based sales model. Instead of depending upon an expensive sales force, the distributor model allowed SE Concepts to develop relationships with well-established organizations, many at the international level, each bringing an existing set of solid client relationships. The benefit was an across-the-board reduction in marketing costs coupled with a dramatic increase in sales.

Major distribution deals include:

• Zen & O, a French company whose partners own and operate 54 Lady Fitness facilities in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Germany, and Spain. The four-year contract represents a forecast of several million dollars and initial demand has already exceeded expectations.
• Aspire Consulting, a new distributor in the UK, which anticipates placing many orders within its own expanding chain of VibraLife Fitness Clinics.
• Spa LifeStyle Group, a distributor based in the Netherlands, placing SpaCapsule in some of the trendiest Dutch hotels, such as Scandic Sanadome.
• I. SEPTA, a group based in the United Arab Emirates, contracted to distribute 150 SpaCapsules, with the ability to purchase more in the future.

SE Concepts is now engaged in talks with new distributorship opportunities in Italy, Morocco, Turkey, Taiwan, China, Estonia, Lithuania, and Russia.

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