Simulated Environmental Concepts, producers of the SpaCapsule® (240v) and SpaCapsule® Anywhere (120v) – the most advanced self-contained relaxation devices in existence, consisting of a unique synthesis of aromatherapy and audiovisual relaxation techniques coupled with ultra-realistic dry-water massage via a proprietary Pressure-Jet Technology™ – is a thriving company with a global reach.

This global reach has allowed the Company to grasp such opportunities as the recent multi-million dollar deal (4Q 09) with French fitness and retail giant Zen & O, the proprietor of the highly acclaimed ‘Lady Fitness’ franchise in Europe. Such sales not only generate substantial revenue, but help to up-sell the brand identity to select clientele across a wider European market, while also providing aesthetic cache to businesses which feature such a status symbol as the SpaCapsule.

For 13 years, SMEV has nurtured the SpaCapsule®, the collective brainchild of the Company’s team of leading doctors and physicians who, with over 40 years of experience, designed the unit from its inception to be the ultimate in standalone relaxation systems. The SpaCapsule® which has emerged from this research and attention to detail is the ultimate full body massage and relaxation system perfect for casual use at fitness centers and other retail locations like tanning salons, or for use in the home.

A recent Super Bowl fundraiser to promote literacy for The Book Bank Foundation (BBF), attended by many influential industry professionals and NFL athletes, gained even more exposure for the innovative new product due to the participation of SMEV, which was hailed by BBF founder Mr. Glenn Toby as vital to the foundation’s work. Mr. Toby went on to point out that the SpaCapsule was “the main attraction of the evening” and a big hit with many of the NFL players.

The SpaCapsule is designed to be easy to set up and use, and can function as a “massage vending machine”, thanks to tight integration with SMEV’s intuitive T-Max control system. An additional layer of control becomes available by interfacing with the Point of Sale System to allow the business owner to use the system to provide access to the enticing relaxation benefits the SpaCapsule has to offer.

With a sophisticated multi-language software suite, and a low-maintenance, closed water system that requires no hook ups whatsoever, as well as touch-screen interfaces that provide built in audio and visual entertainment, the SpaCapsule is globally plug and play, allowing a user to remain fully clothed in a prone position to enjoy a full body massage while being relaxed in an immersive A/V and aromatherapy environment.

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