According to the song from a few decades ago by Three Dog Night, “One is the Lonliest Number”. One is also the worst number in business. If your business is focused solely on one narrow product or service, the customer base for your business will be rather narrow. The more products or services your business offers, the wider your potential customer base will be.

For example, if you are in the tanning business and you offer to the public everything associated with tanning. You will have only one type of customer – a customer interested in getting a tan. However, today most tanning salons wisely offer tanning and so much more – they offer a spa-like experience.

Many tanning salons do this through having a product such as the ‘SpaCapsule Massage, Aromatherapy, Audio-Visual Relaxation De-Stressing Device’. This device offers users complete relaxation and rejuvenation and relief from tension, anxiety and stress through massage, aromatherapy, oxygen therapy and even iPod connectivity.

For these tanning salons, this SpaCapsule device (if properly marketed) immediately offers them a vastly larger pool of potential customers and most likely additional new revenues for the business. In fact, it changes the entire business from a mostly seasonal business to a year-round business with a steadily growing client base.

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