Talk show host and actor Arsenio Hall is suing Irish singer Sinéad O’Connor after she claimed he was Prince’s drug dealer. Now Hall’s hitting back with a $5 million libel lawsuit, People magazine wrote in an exclusive report Thursday.

Hall referred to O’Connor as a “desperate” “attention-seeker” whom he hasn’t been in contact with for 25 years. "O'Connor knew that there was no truth whatsoever to the vicious lies she spewed about Hall on her Facebook page, and that she had concocted them and had no basis to believe that they were true," his lawyers' legal papers stated.

O’Connor threatened Hall in a Facebook post Monday, saying DEA agents were going to show up on his doorstep. "Anyone imagining prince was not a long time hard drug user is living in cloud cuckoo land,” she wrote. “Arsenio I've reported you to the Carver County Sheriff's office. Expect their call. They are aware you spiked me years ago at Eddie Murphy's house. You best get tidying your man cave." 

O’Connor has a history of being unstable. Last Novemeber, she attempted suicide because of a “horrific set of betrayals" and took an overdose of pills. She was given medical treatment in time and recovered. 

Sinead O'Connor Singer Sinéad O'Connor blamed Arsenio Hall for Prince’s death, accusing him of supplying the “Purple Rain” singer with drugs. Photo: Getty Images

It’s widely suspected that Prince's death at the age of 57 came from a drug overdose. The “Purple Rain” singer was found unconscious in his Minnesota estate with the prescription painkiller Percocet on him April 21, the day he died. An autopsy was performed by the Midwest Medical Examiner’s Office, but toxicology results won’t be available for several weeks.

Though rumors continue to swirl, no official information regarding Prince’s cause of death have been released. “Midwest Medical Examiner’s Office has not released any information regarding Prince investigation to anyone, including law enforcement,” a statement read Thursday. “Results are pending. This is an ongoing investigation in partnership w/ Carver County Sheriff’s Office. We will have no further comment.”

Prince’s family and friends mourned him in a private ceremony last weekend. A public memorial service will be held for his fans at Los Angeles City Hall Friday.

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