Singapore Exchange will start operating the world's fastest trading engine on August 15 that can handle one million order book changes per second per partition, said a media report.

SGX Reach, the new trading engine, is 100 times more capable than the current engine and will have an order response time of 90 microseconds door-to-door, said a Xinhua report on Wednesday.

Reach will provide our customers with leading-edge services delivered on a high-speed platform and driven by world-class technology. The availability of our diversified products suite on Reach will help Singapore leap ahead of other global financial markets as a center for international fund-raising and investment, “said Magnus Bocker, chief executive officer of Singapore Exchange.

SGX Reach, with its ultra-low latency and much higher throughput, will boost the country’s position as a financial center, the report said.

Also, Singapore Exchange is currently in talks to acquire Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) to create Asia's fourth-largest stock exchange.