Country singer Chely Wright and her wife Lauren Blitzer-Wright, a music executive at Sony and LGBT activist, revealed that their small family will be doubling this summer.

During an episode of the Youtube show “Gwissues” with Howard Bragman, the couple announced that they are expecting identical twins and that Wright, 42, who is carrying the children, is due to give birth in July, reported ABC News.

The couple, who have a roughly 10-year age difference, were married in a private ceremony at Lauren’s aunt’s home in August 2011, less than a year and a half after Wright publically came out of the closet. In an opinion piece for CNN shortly after news anchor Anderson Cooper publically announced that he was gay, Wright talked about her own experience coming out, writing that while her decision to come out was one she didn’t regret, it also came with a severe price.

“I had steeled myself as best I could for negative fallout. I had a feeling that some tour dates would be cancelled and records would not be sold,” Chely wrote. “From the day that I officially came out, on May 4, 2010, many people that had been fans aren’t anymore. My mother did not take it well at all and we don’t speak, and that was a cost.”

According to the Daily Mail, Wright also faced death threats after coming out, and experienced a two-thirds drop in record sales. But for now, the couple appears only to be looking forward to the birth of their two children.

"They are due in July, but with identical twins you typically have to deliver a month early," Wright said, adding, "When gay couples have babies, it's logistically a little different than when straight people have babies, as we all know.”

"It's been an [amazing] experience,” she said.

Blitzer-Wright added that the pregnancy has been a learning experience for both women.

"Even learning about the reproductive systems and how that works … you learn so many things," Blitzer-Wright said.

"We feel our entire relationship has been blessed. We feel lucky and ready to take on the challenges," Wright added. "We're excited to be parents and we hope we don't mess it up too badly!"

A documentary based on Wright’s struggles to come out, titled “Chely Wright: Wish Me Away” was released in June.

View a video of the couple making their announcement below.