“Royals” singer Lorde has been immortalized in wax. The 18-year-old songstress has unveiled photos of her wax likeness at the Madame Tussauds museum in Hollywood, California. The statue is now open for public view.

“Omg guys... it's my pleasure to finally announce that ‪@MadameTussauds made me into a WAX FIGURE!” Lorde wrote in a tweet Thursday. She also shared a photo of her statue. Check it out here.

The New Zealand-born singer also shared a photo of the “incredibly detailed process” of sitting for the waxwork. The photo shows her with an unidentified man, who takes the measurement of her face. Lorde said that the team at Madame Tussauds was very “skilled and passionate” about getting things right.

That passion and hard work can be seen in Lorde's wax statue, which looks exactly like her. The statue not only has her high cheek bones but also wears Lorde's signature red lipstick. The statue is dressed in Lorde's favorite color: black. The dress worn by the statue resembles a black Stella McCartney suit that she wore to the 2015 Golden Globes. Lastly, Lorde's statue also has her trademark long curls falling perfectly over her shoulders.

Lorde's statue is placed near statues of Jennifer Lawrence and Taylor Swift. Fans on Twitter seem amazed by the perfection in Lorde's statue and say that it looks very real. When the singer shared the photo of her statue on Twitter, many fans were confused about whether it was a statue or Lorde herself.

On Tuesday, Lorde celebrated the second anniversary of the video for her Grammy Award-winning song, “Royals.” “Omg just saw that today is the 2 year anniversary of the royals music video!” the singer wrote on her Twitter page. The singer also reminisced about sitting on her “scummy la-z-boy with my finger hovering over the computer mouse, a second before making that link go live.”

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