Single Touch Interactive, Inc., based in Encinitas, CA, issued a press release yesterday announcing that their retail messaging growth has increased by 21% month over month for the last 6 months. This has amounted to a 260% cumulative growth. Their top ten performing stores have seen a 350% growth since the program’s inception, highlighted by their top performing store averaging 325 messages per day, peaking at 428 messages over the same period.

Single Touch’s Enhanced Services Platform (ESP) provides customer messaging for one of the world’s largest retailers. These services include alerts for store specials and reminders when products or services are available for pick-up. Even with the rapid growth of the platform already, Single Touch believes that their numbers will continue to grow exponentially quarter over quarter as they continue to expand their services. Anthony Mucaluso, Chairman of Single Touch was quoted in the press release as saying, “The retailers bank on Single Touch and know we deliver performance, innovation and reliability.”

Founded in 2002, Single Touch possesses an extensive intellectual portfolio consisting of patents that cover the Company’s end-to-end solution for its rich media distribution platform. Single Touch specializes in streaming media as they act as a clearing house and generate revenue from each telephone call, data transmission, advertisement and mobile payment transaction that their platform enables. Adding to their patent collection, Single Touch recently issued a press release that they purchased Abbreviated Dialing patents from Microsoft. Abbreviated Dialing Codes are short telephone numbers such as 411 that may also spell a brand name. Exact terms of the contract were not disclosed.

Single Touch only has 31.2 million shares in their float with a total of 73.55 million shares outstanding. Yesterday, SITO closed at .50 per share with 130,400 shares traded.