Special representatives of China and India will discuss Sino-Indian border issue in a meeting to be held November 29-30 in Beijing, a post on state portal www.gov.cn showed Tuesday. It will be the fourteenth of such meetings.

Chinese State Councilor Dai (Bingguo) and Indian National Security Advisor (Shiv Shankar) Menon will attend the meeting, said Hong Lei, foreign ministry spokesperson, in a press conference.

Meanwhile, BBC reported India's setting up of two new army divisions -comprising more than 36,000 men - to defend the north eastern state of Arunachal Pradesh.

The remote north-eastern state of India adjoins China which claims large parts of it.

The 56th Division will be based in the nearby state of Nagaland to guard the eastern flank of Arunachal Pradesh from Chinese attack through Myanmar and the other new formation, the 71st Division, will be based in Assam to protect central Arunachal Pradesh, the report said, quoting unnamed sources.

The divisions, which have been formed as a response to 'huge Chinese build-up' on the other side, are expected to be fully operational by March 2011.