Apple had unveiled Siri prior to its release and there was a lot of talk about the characteristics of this voice recognition software. But all that was before the phone wasn't released, now that it's out and in the hands of millions. People are finally getting to know this personal assistant better.

The technology of voice recognition software wasn't introduced for the first time with iPhone 4S, in fact previously Android phones have used the technology in their phones. At the time of unveiling, Siri had been named as artificial intelligence, but now as Siri functions in the real world, we know what it can really do. Though the functions performed are robotic, Siri goes beyond the simple yes and no. It is user-friendly software and knows how to intelligently answer the questions of its user. Operating on a your-wish-is-my-command approach, Siri is not only limited to setting alarms and sending messages, it has other qualities too.


For instance Siri knows how to properly conduct searches and even gives suggestions. One of the most interesting characteristics that Siri has been built with is its ability to communicate in three languages, English, French and German and it also understand various accents.  When seen operating in the real world, Siri had no trouble understanding a British accent from an American accent. In fact, Siri can converse in a British accent. Siri has helped Apple sales shift into the next gear as after the release of the iPhone 4S, more and more customers are mesmerized by the voice recognition software.


Not forgetting the fact that Siri after all is artificial and not human, many people have tried testing it and have come up with strange stuff. For instance if one asks Siri, what is love, it will reply with a definition searched up from the internet. Siri was obviously not programmed for the entertainment of its owner, its purpose is to serve as a humble personal assistant. So asking Siri to tell a joke would only result in disappointment. However, it may actually search a joke from the internet and tell it to its user, which may not be so bad after all!

Here is a real world demo from Stuff TV:


Here is another demo from intomobile:



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