On Tuesday night's The Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert released his personal assistant Siri on his iPhone 4S; Much to his dismay, Siri could not help him with his requests.

Write the show, Colbert asks, since he said he had been playing with his new iPhone 4S all day and didn't have time to write the episode. Instead of having Siri write the show for him, it instead asked Colbert what he would like to search for.

I don't want to search for anything, I want to write the show! Colbert snapped, which led Siri to search for anything I want to write the shuffle.

I'm sorry folks, I was just talking to my new iPhone 4S, Colbert said, which he had reportedly been goofing around with all day.

What am I talking about tonight? Colbert asked again.

No comment, Siri responded.

For the love of God, the cameras are on, give me something! Colbert screamed.

What kind of place are you looking for, camera stores or churches? Siri asked helpfully, though not so helpful for Colbert.

Clearly agitated with his incompetent assistant, Colbert dropped the F bomb to Siri, who responded, much to his amusement, I'd blush if I could.

View the video of Stephen Colbert playing with Siri on his iPhone 4S below.