Siri is every multi-taskers' dream.

It reminds you about friends' birthdays. It makes your phone calls while you are jogging. It will even find telephone numbers for the nearest cab companies if you say I'm drunk.

Introducing the iPhone 4S personal assistant, Siri.

Your wish is its command.

Apple developed Siri as a system that uses your voice to control tasks performed on the Apple device, hands free, of course.

CNN Wired reports that the S in iPhone 4S might as well stand for Siri.

Sure, the fifth-generation iPhone's superb camera and speedy dual-core processor are classy additions. But Siri is the reason people should buy this phone, writes Brian X. Chen.

Siri got its name from the company Siri Inc., a San Jose technology firm with enhanced voice-recognition tools that Apple acquired in 2010.

It only takes three seconds to complete a reminder via voice command. This is an especially useful asset for those who are not too quick with their digits.

Siri is activated when you hold the phone up to your ear. Chen says that this is a neat little idiosyncrasy Apple thought of so that users do not look odd dictating commands to a phone. It will simply look like you are having a conversation.

Apple has perfected its voice-recognition technology so Siri knows exactly what you say and exactly what you mean.

It will find answers for you from Yelp and WolframAlpha - one a user friendly review and search site; the other a computational knowledge engine.

Siri has got it all. It is the personal assistant who went to Harvard, moves at lightning speed, never takes a lunch break, and still refuses a paycheck.

But Siri is so much more than just a savvy helper who can tell you the weather, send your texts, and schedule your appointments when you say go.

It has personality.

Reviewers have been testing Siri to see just how far it can go.

Chen said, I'm drunk and Siri answered, I found a number of cabs fairly close to you.

Joshua Topolsky from found out that when you tell Siri I need to hide a body it responds with What kind of place are you looking for? Reservoirs, metal foundries, mines, dumps, swamps?

Or What is the meaning of life? To which Siri replied with a quote from Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.

There is now even a Tumblr page dedicated solely to the things that Siri says.

Yes, Siri may only seem like Apple's genius creation of a taskmaster; but it very well may prove to be your best friend.