Well, it might be a debate, for some, that Tellme and Siri are a comparison. But today we'll tell you why both the technologies are not even comparable, let alone the thought that one leads the other in capabilities. Tellme, Microsoft's voice function utility on Windows Phone and Siri, the voice assistant for Apple iPhone 4S, have almost nothing in common. For instance, Microsoft Tellme lets you dictate text, do a search on the basis of voice commands, which is not what Siri does, technically.


The thing is that, the Tellme features are spread all over the Windows Phone functionality, while Siri on the other hand, is an all-in-one package, containing not only all that the Windows Phone can do, but 10 times more than that.

While the guys at TechAU have taken out the time to do an extensive research and carry out a detailed comparison of Tellme and Siri, it won't be a bad idea to share their demonstration in this post. The video compares the two voice based utilities side by side and brings out the better product out for you, eventually. Just in case you want to know it even before the video begins, Siri wins it by a big margin, as the Omnia 7 Windows Phone struggles to detect the voice properly and moreover, ends up searching every other text on Bing. Have a look at the video demo after the break!

Now that you know how Siri leads Tellme in terms of possibilities and its capabilities, one might argue that the video only discusses only one specific part of Windows Phone's voice features, as compared to a whole lot of Siri experience. Well yes, that's what the point is. Siri is a huge and much larger experience, as compared to the amount of tasks that can be achieved through Windows Phone's voice features.

Siri might not be a god-like voice assistant, to be honest and it does fail to do quite a few things, and in fact, most of the things if you're not a native English language speaker, but it still is far greater than what Tellme can do. So yes, Siri may be partly a hoax, but then Tellme is comparatively nothing. Microsoft needs to port all its Windows Phone features on to voice, only then can we say Tellme is something like the Siri assistant.

The original post was published on Simon Blog.