TLC’s anticipated “Sister Wives” season finale aired last night, answering all the burning questions about Meri’s shocking divorce from Kody. According to episode 10, “Divorce,” the real reason Meri had sought out a lawyer to discuss the possibility of ending her 24-year marriage to Kody was so that Robyn, his fourth wife, could be legally bound to their shared husband.

“Robyn has her three kids from her previous marriage that we have wanted to get adopted by Kody,” Meri said during Sunday night’s installment. “But to do that she’ll need to have a legal marriage to Kody.”

Wanting Dayton, Aurora and Breanna to all have the last name Brown, Meri selflessly decided to relinquish her title of Kody’s legal wife.

“I was shocked,” Robyn said during her confessional, reacting to Meri’s generous gift. “It was huge to me. I love that woman.”

Fans of the reality series then got to see the mixed and emotional reactions of the other sister wives, Christine and Janelle. However, it was Meri’s daughter Mariah’s response to the shift in their family that really caught our attention. How would Mariah, the only child of Meri and Kody, feel about her parents legally divorcing so that her father could marry Robyn?

At first, Mariah was stunned. Meri revealed her daughter’s initial reaction to the divorce on Twitter. “My 1st convo with @mariahlian about divorce was private & off camera,” Meri tweeted. “It shocked her but took about 10 min & she was on board! #SisterWives."

Those who tuned in to the season finale of “Sister Wives” didn’t see Mariah surprised or upset when her mother and father confirmed that they would be legally separating. Instead they watched her cool, calm and collected reaction to the big news, explaining that she understood the divorce would be beneficial for the family.

“I am always so impressed with @mariahlian,” Robyn said while live-tweeting the finale. “Such a lovely young woman. #Sisterwives.”

Were you surprised with how the Browns reacted to Meri and Kody’s divorce during the season finale episode of “Sister Wives”? Sound off in the comments section below with your thoughts.