It’s been a wild year for the Brown family -- from the adoption of Robyn’s three eldest children to the announcement of her pregnancy. But, according to reports, the chaos will only intensify as Season 6 of “Sister Wives” concludes on Sunday.

Check out what you should expect during the upcoming -- and emotional -- installment, which is set to air on Sunday, Nov. 15:

1. Meri-centric Episode

The finale episode will focus on Meri, Kody’s first wife, and the secret that she’s been hiding from her husband, her fellow sister wives and children.

“They don’t know what I brought into this family,” Meri says through sobs in a promo video for the finale, teasing the severity of her announcement.

2. An Emotional Affair

Meri will confess to her family, in the forthcoming installment, that she partook in an emotional affair.

“I started talking to this person online,” Kody’s wife, who he married in April 1990, says in the trailer. “He was just saying all the right things.”

But as it turns out, “he” was actually a “she.”

In October, Meri, revealed the shocking news that she was the victim of a catfishing scandal -- an act where a person takes on a different identify to pursue an online relationship.

"During an emotional and vulnerable time earlier this year, I began speaking with someone online who turned out to be not who they said they were," Meri said in a statement to People magazine, explaining that she had been deceived by a woman pretending to be a man. "I never met this person and I regret being drawn into this situation, but I hope because of it I can help others who find themselves in similar circumstances."

3. Meri’s Family Reacts

Meri explained to People magazine that her family “supported and stood by” her throughout the ordeal. “I am grateful to them for their love and strength through this difficult time.”

However, in the promo video for the Season 6 finale, Kody is unsure how to initially absorb the jaw-dropping news. After Meri confesses to having the online affair, Kody begins to question what this means for the family and whether Meri will still be apart of theirs.

“It’s weird, some of the words she’s saying,” Meri’s husband says in a confessional. “It sounds like she’s leaving.”

4. A Proposal

The synopsis for the Season 6 finale reveals that Maddie’s boyfriend, Caleb, will approach Kody for a private chat.

“I actually want to talk to you about Maddie,” Caleb says to his girlfriend’s father in a clip from the upcoming installment. Fans have theorized this will be the moment Caleb asks for Kody’s permission to marry his daughter. (The two first announced their engaged on Twitter in September.)

In the previous episode, Kody made it clear to both Caleb and his daughter that he would appreciate his daughter’s boyfriend approaching him first, out of respect, before popping the question. And it looks like Caleb recieved Kody's not-so-subtle suggestion.

5. Robyn’s Pregnancy Woes

While the Browns partake in Alaskan activities during their family vacation, like dogsledding and deep-sea fishing, Robyn will spend her time off holding her nose and trying not to vomit from the smell of raw fish, according to the summary.

6. Double Dates

Fans can expect to get to know Logan and Maddie’s significant others a little better when Janelle’s children take Michelle and Caleb out on a double date during the Season 6 finale. And since the kids will be away from their meddling parents, hopefully the four will be able to open up in a relaxed environment.

The “Sister Wives” Season 6 finale will air on Sunday, Nov. 15, at 9 p.m. EST on TLC.