Given today’s economic conditions, closer to home entertainment seems to be a logical investment opportunity. In most respects, this is a solid concept that could pay off. However, it may prove a bit less so as overall spending is reduced. Variability is the unknown, but in either case consumers will spend closer to home at a reasonable cost. An investor that can find that closer to home entertainment option is one that will profit.

Six Flags Inc., a regional amusement park operator, owns and operates 20 amusement parks in the U.S., Mexico and Canada. The company currently has plans for international expansion to Dubai and Qatar.

One must understand that the amusement park business has a certain amount of seasonality. One quarter here or there does not generally distinguish an overall financial year. Six Flag’s Inc. is no different in this respect. The Easter holiday is an indicator of only 5% of the company’s overall profit for the year and is reliant on the certain timing of the holiday. Fortunately or not, in 2009, the holiday was considered late in the quarter. In this regard, the company witnessed slightly lower revenue for the period. This, however, should not be seen as an important indicator for the coming recreational season but as a potential investment opportunity given current price conditions.

Understanding this particular set of events, the company experienced a bit of a slowdown in profit revenues that simply needed to be reported for the first quarter. This report, however, is not indicative of overall performance of the company. First quarter 2009 was down $7 million, but can be very easily traced to currency fluctuations. Mexican and Canadian currencies have been in flux and easily explain this type of a move.

The share price may be a bit more difficult to explain but there in lays the investment opportunity. Six Flag’s Inc., with operations in solid markets during good economic times, is poised to benefit with a nice stock price opportunity.