With a majority of home buyers looking at listings online, you would be wise to use top-quality photos in your listings. Don't make the mistake of taking pictures of rooms without enough light, failing to focus on the room itself, or snapping photos of rooms that have not been cleaned.

Dennis Huckaby, an architectural photographer in Blaine, Wash., says, Real estate agents can't sell something to (consumers) who (don't contact) him because they didn't like the pictures.

To show homes in the best light, experts say you should spruce them up slightly: remove clutter and position some flowers or fruit bowls on bare countertops, for instance.
Avoid using cell-phone cameras, turn on the lights rather than use the flash, and be careful when photographing bathrooms to avoid glare from the mirror.

Other tips:

Skip photos of children's bedrooms because these are typically the most basic rooms with the least amount of interesting architectural features. This is particularly important if your MLS limits the number of photos you can include.

Go ahead and snap photos of foreclosed properties, even if they need a lot of work. It presents an honest view of the house, but just as importantly, it will still have unique and interesting characteristics that can be showcased.

Even if it's got warts, there's a place to stand where you can make an interesting, attractive image, says Huckaby.

Source: Inman News, Mary Umberger (11/04/09)