by laverrue

Traveling for work can throw your regular fitness routine into complete disarray. But you can stay true to your fitness routine while on the road and not let the decadent client dinners or time spent away from your beloved elliptical trainer take its weighty toll on you.

Keep in mind that exercise is one of the greatest stress-busters. So by sticking with your fitness routine away from home, you have just protected yourself against letting stress levels get too high if your plane is delayed or if the AV room suddenly loses the images to your presentation.

Here are some foolproof suggestions for staying fit on the road:

1. Bring your workout gear: Just as you would not board the plane without your company laptop, packing your workout clothes and shoes automatically prepares you for making a business trip a healthy one. You may also want to consider packing your favorite workout DVD to play on the computer or hotel room television.

2. Take advantage of hotel gyms: Most hotels today, even many motels, are equipped with some sort of a workout room. Even if it's the size of the housekeeping closet, all you need is one cardio machine and a few weights and you have all the tools for an effective, albeit basic, workout.

3. Rise and shine: Before risking a business dinner run late into the night, capitalize on the solitude that the out-of-town meeting comes with and get up an hour earlier than usual to exercise. You will start the day more energized and you will face that presentation with confidence and vigor. Just make sure that you start your workout routine the morning following your arrival to be more inclined to keep to it throughout your entire trip.

4. Be a guest: Before you travel, do a bit of research to find any local fitness centers that offer one-day free passes or discounted rates to out-of-towners. Check around for yoga and pilates studios that may offer such specials as well, particularly if you are normally a gym rat and are hungry for a change of routine. Your home gym (like a YMCA) may provide this service to members, too.

5. Get creative in your room: When it comes down to it, you really don't need any fancy equipment to get in a great workout. If the hotel swimming pool is too crowded with kiddies to do some laps then turn your room into a workout center. Alternate between sets of cardio and resistance training exercises. For cardio, think jumping jacks, jumping rope and jogging in place and for strength-training, think lunges, push-ups, crunches and squats.

6. Take in the scenery: One of the bonuses to business travel is being able to see new places, where domestic or international. A great way to take in the scenery is to go for a walk or jog. Ask the hotel concierge for recommendations on nearby parks, trails or other  other best places to run, then strap on your comfortable running shoes and  enjoy the new view.

 Traveling does not have to create barriers to your usual exercise routine. The key with working out while on the road for work is to try to stick to your usual routine as closely as possible, pack your gear and do your homework beforehand. 

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