At 8:30am Sunday morning nearly 400 naked swimmers participated in the world record setting skinny dipping (swimming naked) event in the sea off Wales, UK.

Braving cold waters and wind chills, the swimmers beat the latest world record of 250 naked bathers in one location. To qualify for the world record, wading into the water up to the waists and staying there for a minimum of 10 minutes were required for the 400 swimmers.

While raising funds for the National Trust and Marie Curie Cancer Care, the bathers ran into the biting sea, with much shrieking and cheering.

“This has been an amazing day and a really fun way to raise some money. Without donations like this, we couldn't protect and care for this beautiful and special stretch of coastline,” World Records Academy cited National Trust Head Warden for the area Sian Musgrave as saying.

Organizers are now discussing making the skinny dip an annual event as the event proved a great success.

Watch the largest ever skinny dip video that WRA has released: