Pharmaceuticals and dermatology go hand in hand. Existing skin care products cover a wide range of capabilities. Some are to aide with an allergic reaction. Some slow the elasticity process of aging. Some offer concealment to blemishes. Whatever the type used, this industry is huge, really huge. Even as we live in such uncertain times, the salon and skin care industries are running at peak performance. It is not just one or two areas of that market doing well either, it is abroad. Because of technology accompanied by a host of pharmaceutical scientists, researchers, and those dedicated to the skin care industry, it is constantly blooming with new activity.

Topically delivered products are becoming more popular by the day. It is these products that boast how far technology has come. These products protect the skin from environmental irritants and allows for normal skin respiration while reducing overall irritation. Concepts for continued improvement are always on the table.

USPTO has just approved a polymer technology patent to Skinvisible, Inc. called Invisicare. This revolutionary product is about to make its mark known throughout the skin care industry. This patent also covers additional works from the company that enhances topically applied skincare products. In addition to the current patents granted in the United States for Invisicare, it now adds protection to the patent in new areas, covering eight new claims.