Sky Power Solutions, a development stage alternative energy company, is focused on America’s overburdened and increasingly vulnerable electrical grid. It’s an issue understandably pertinent to Sky Power, since the company is directly involved in the electric car market. Sky Power is the exclusive provider of advanced lithium ion battery technology to Li-ion Motors Corp. for use in their all-electric, zero-emission automobiles. The company sees the growth in consumer acceptance of electric cars as placing a growing burden on the country’s grid just when electrical production capacity is leveling out. If demand for electricity grows faster than supply, the inevitable rise in prices could put a damper on future growth.

Sky Power has come up with a creative way to help address the grid issue, at the same time allowing it to diversify the application of its technologies. The company has developed a solution to combine their advanced lithium ion battery technology and a unique solar concentrating collector design to produce a one-of-a-kind residential solar power generation system. The remarkably efficient electrical generation properties of the Sky Power system will allow the residential user to actually send excess electricity back into the grid, running their electric meter backwards, and reducing their own grid consumption (and costs) by as much as 30%-40%.

The effect will be to augment the nation’s supply of electricity by bringing online thousands, and perhaps eventually millions, of decentralized residential power generators. This in turn will reduce the need to build more centralized power plants, facilities which must be paid for even though they may only be required during peak energy periods. As the number of electric car owners grows, they will be able to tap into this increased decentralized supply, by using their own system, or benefitting from the Sky Power systems used by others.

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