Sky Power Solutions Corp., an emerging leader in the development and marketing of next-generation lithium-powered batteries worldwide, and developer of residential concentrated solar collector power systems, today released a video presentation outlining the reasoning behind and the development of its residential, stand alone, solar concentrating generation system. The video was produced in response to all the positive media and questions that resulted from previous news releases, and to institute celebration of the 4th of July as Energy Independence Day.

“The goal of Sky Power Solutions is to give every energy consumer the opportunity to gain independence from the major power suppliers within their communities, reduce pollution, and help prevent black-outs across the US. We are doing this by providing a solar power generation unit that is environmentally friendly, affordable, compact, and extremely efficient. Every watt produced by solar energy is a watt that has nothing but positive effects on society as a whole,” stated Steven Edelen, Project Development Manager, Sky Power Solutions Corp.

A link to the video as well as the original company press release can be found at the following link:

The residential solar power station will have the ability to reduce the average user’s monthly electric grid consumption by up to 30-40% with zero emissions and a zero carbon footprint using only the power of the sun. The Sky Power Solutions system can be easily installed in most backyards taking less than one third of the space of conventional Solar panels. The entry level price point for a Sky Power Solutions’ Concentrated Solar electric system is anticipated to be $5,000 at release. Fully scalable, multiple units can be combined for increased capacity.

Electric consumption in the U.S. continues to increase while the growth of electric generating capacity is expected to decline significantly after 2012 and remain below 7 gigawatts per year until 2025. Recognizing this, Sky Power Solutions is geared to respond with the development and potential sales of the Residential Stand-Alone, Solar concentrating, electric generation systems for Residential Electric Power Generation to allow end users to generate and return their surplus electric usage back to the grid using “Net-Metering” and the Sky Power System.

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