Sky Power Solutions Corp., an emerging developer and marketer of next generation lithium-powered batteries worldwide, and developer of residential concentrated solar collectors, announced that its recent news of developing a standalone residential solar generation system combining advanced lithium ion battery technology received positive international media reports.

The residential solar power station will have the ability to reduce the average user’s monthly electric grid consumption by up to 30-40% with no emissions or a carbon footprint; using only the power of the sun. Visually appealing, the Sky Power Solutions system can easily be installed in most backyards taking less than one third of the space of conventional solar panels. The entry level price point for a Sky Power Solutions-Concentrated Solar electric system is projected to be $5,000 at release. Multiple units can be combined for increased capacity.

Electric consumption in the United States is increasing at a rate that will eventually outpace the anticipated expansion of the US Electric Grid’s capacity. Sky Power Solutions has identified this rising dilemma and is poised for expansion into the Residential Electric Power Generation market to allow end users to generate and return 30-40% of their electric usage back to the grid using “Net-Metering” and the Sky Power System.

The Energy Information Administration reports that the growth of electric generating capacity is expected to decline after 2012. A construction boom in the early 2000′s saw capacity additions averaging 35 gigawatts a year, much higher than had been seen before. More recently, average annual builds have dropped to around 16 gigawatts per year creating a significant shortfall in the future.

Sky Power Solutions, the exclusive provider of advanced Lithium Ion battery technology to Li-ion Motors Corp. (LMCO) for use in their all-electric, zero emission automobiles, recognizes that growth in the consumer acceptance of all-electric cars will place an increased burden on the US Electric Grid while planned growth of electrical capacity is expected to decline.

Sky Power Solutions is working to meet this demand and lower the grid consumption of users. By producing and sending electricity from residential users’ surplus into the grid, users’ electric meter will run backwards, not only reducing electric bills, but more importantly adding needed power to a stressed grid for the benefit of all.

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