Every version of “Skylanders: Superchargers” will now have kart racing and online co-op for the game’s main campaign mode. This is the biggest addition to the new “Skylanders” title, as this is the first title in the franchise to have any online experience to date.

Activision made the announcement via a press release, adding that the all-new racing mode will now allow players to race with their favorite characters in their respective vehicles. The racers can even explore the worlds of “Skylanders.”

The game’s kart racing won’t be limited to racing on the ground, as Activision also confirmed that players will be able to challenge each other on aerial and water-based races as well. Included in the game’s starter pack are six tracks for the kart racing mini-game, two each for land, sea and air, as Forbes stated. These tracks are also diverse and different, each having their own set of power ups and a number of alternate routes for competitive racing.

Online multiplayer gives players the option to have four-player races with friends for competitive play. Local co-op, however, limits the option to simply two players, which may disappoint some fans.

Players can also expect more tracks, new characters and vehicles to come in future packs. There are also three kart racing-focused expansion packs on the way, with each expansion focusing on land, sea and air racing. Players will face off with 12 bosses across all three expansion packs, with four bosses terrorizing each expansion. Once beaten, they will gain access to two new tracks and new modes.

The new modes are Super Villain Cup, Boss Pursuit and Mirror Cup, all of which can be played with any character that the player has. The villains from the expansion can also be used as characters once defeated.

“Skylanders: Superchargers” is set for release on Sept. 20 and will be available for PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Wii U, Wii, 3DS and iOS devices. Nintendo fans also get exclusive characters, such as Donkey Kong from the Wii U version and Bowser for the Wii.

Skylanders Online Co-Op & PS4 Racing Game-Play (w/ Shark Tank & Sea Shadow) (Credit: YouTube/FamilyGamerTV)