Apple's iPad users can now rejoice -- Skype's anticipated app is now back in Apple's App Store, for real. Earlier today, Skype played a "now you see it, now you don't" game with the app, launching it briefly before taking it back.

But now, it's back in the store, launched for real.

"Skype is beautifully designed and optimized for the iPad. It offers the best of both worlds for users who want a larger Skype experience, on-the-go," Skype said in a blog post. "The large iPad screen is perfect for bringing Skype video calls to life, in either landscape or portrait view, and because it is on the iPad, Skype video calls can be made at the beach, in a var or even lying on a couch.

"The new Skype for iPad app also takes full advantage of the iPad 2's dual cameras, allowing users to talk face-to-face with the iPad's front camera or switch to the rear camera to show what they can see," Skype said.

The iPad app also allows calls to landlines and mobile phones to hose with Skype Credit. It works on 3G and Wi-Fi.

On Monday Skype's new app appeared briefly in Apple's App Store but it was pulled down. The company said it was launched parematurely, disappointing those eagerly awaiting the app when it was removed from the store.

"To ensure your best Skype experience, we've temporarily removed Skype for iPad which went live prematurely today," Skype Tweeted. "We know you've been eagerly awaiting Skype for iPad and apologize for the inconvenience."

Skype did not provide additional details.

Some iPad users waiting on Skype's new app were dismayed.

"UGHHHHHHHH I HATE YOU FOR PULLING THE APP," complained one person on Twitter.


The program is free for users, including dial-up, video and audio as long as they aren't conducting conference calls - just like Skype's PC and Mac version. Users simply have to pay data usage fees for connection to their 3G service unless wifi is available. Skype's iPad app will be able to call Android smartphones and other operating systems compatible with Skype.