SkyPostal Networks, Inc., the largest private postal network in Latin America, announced this morning that it has acquired Logistics Enterprises, an international cross-border mail service provider focused on serving corporate accounts, and magazine printers and publishers in Bogota, Colombia.

There are only two private cross border mail operators in Colombia that provide international alternative mail delivery service to the national Colombia public postal system, and Logistics Enterprises is one of them. The company's believes it has captured about 20% of the cross border commercial mail market in Columbia.

SkyPostal President and CEO Albert P. Hernandez, commented, With the addition of Logistics Enterprises to our established private postal network we gain a key foothold in Colombia. We are also expanding our reach in Colombia with access to Enterprise Logistics' existing customer accounts. With only one other private postal operator in this country this acquisition will serve as a key platform for our strategy to consolidate the retail cross-border mail delivery market in Latin America.

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