One company that has started to capture the international market is SkyPostal Networks, Inc. While still a young company, SkyPostal has evolved into the largest private postal network in Latin American delivering more than 60 million mail items each month through its network. Today, in the hopes of taking another successful step, SkyPostal changed their name to SkyShop Logistics.

In changing their name, “SkyShop Logistics” hopes to capitalize on its efficient and low cost international delivery network and has already developed integrated shopping solutions that will allow US merchants an array of options.

SkyShop’s solutions cater to both U.S. merchants that want to access foreign customers with an interest in purchasing U.S. merchandise and the International online shopper who would otherwise not have the opportunity to buy from U.S. e-tailers. The new name will allow the young company to optimize these two service divisions.

SkyShop’s consumer offering, PuntoMio (, gives non-U.S. residents a domestic address which they can utilize to make online purchases as if they actually lived in the United States. This online service is primarily marketed thru bank partnerships in the major Latin American countries.

To learn more about SkyShop, visit the company website at: