SkyPostal Networks, Inc. is a young company that has earned a stellar reputation as a top-flight international wholesale mail distribution entity that specializes in the hand delivery of commercial mail, periodicals and parcel post into the Latin Caribbean region. Today, SkyPostal announced it has been awarded a major mail delivery contract into Latin America by the French National Postal Service La Poste.

This contract with La Poste is valued at $2 million and will allow SkyPostal to deliver mail originated from France, the United Kingdom and La Poste’s Office of Exchange in the US to Latin American and the Caribbean (LAC), continuing the rich history of this young and up-and-coming company.

In 2004, SkyPostal identified the need of the European National Postal operators to improve their mail delivery service into the LAC when the EU mandated postal liberation in Europe. At this time the Universal Postal Union’s network in the region offered no integrated technology and could not meet the service and pricing needs demanded by a competitive cross border postal market.

Seeing a need in the marketplace, SkyPostal organized the largest private postal services in each country into a regional mail delivery network connected by its PosTrac mail tracking system and today delivers mail for several European posts and for European and US mail consolidators.

Today, SkyPostal has evolved into a recognized company and delivers more than 60 million mail items each month. The contract with La Poste will allow the SkyPostal to expand even further and provide valuable capital for the company’s future endeavors.

Currently, SkyPostal is trading in the $0.07 range. With a grip on the commercial mailing sector in Latin American and the Caribbean and a high-level of efficiency, SkyPostal is growing into a company that will impress prudent investors on Wall Street.

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