International postal company SkyPostal Networks Inc. (OTCBB: SKPN) is the largest private mail distribution company in Latin America. The company today announced its Punto Mio division has inked an agreement with Versatile Distribution Technologies Inc., an online shopping destination, stepping past international lines with cross-border delivery.

Per the business development, Versatile will raise awareness for, and promote Punto Mio’s online shopping services ( throughout the Caribbean. Versatile will establish primary partners in each country for logistical advantages as well as to ensure customer clearance, final delivery and customer service.

SkyPoastal will foster exports, which allows Caribbean merchants the ability to reach out to buyers around the world through Punto Mio’s online shopping network. Punto Mio will offer its clients a free U.S. address, which will enable users to shop from any U.S. online merchant, with packages delivered through SkyPoastal and its established postal network.

According to A.J. Hernandez, COO of SkyPostal, the partnership will boost the company’s presence in the Caribbean, while getting rid of the obstacles associated with international online shopping.

“Our agreement with Versatile will help to expand our reach in the Caribbean through concerted Punto Mio promotions and partnership development. Versatile’s experience and established relationships in the Caribbean market as well as its global e-commerce expertise will allow us to serve another significant area of the Americas with our unique service,” Hernandez stated in the press release. “With Punto Mio, we are able to eliminate the challenges of International Internet shopping by providing seamless cross border delivery using our extended
Caribbean private postal network for timely parcel-post delivery.”

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