As slate tiles have an incredible water resistance property, thus it is a best choice for moisture prone surfaces. One can install these natural tiles in bathroom, kitchen or swimming pool. It has the resistance to endure extreme weather conditions and these tiles maintain its elegance forever. Tiles made up of slate material provide a very spacious feeling and look. Slate tiles are also opted because it adheres dust easily and looks dirty though can be cleaned with a mild detergent and a brush. These tiles act as an add-on product to enhance the beauty to homes by making the whole atmosphere very vibrant and colourful. In short, there are a number of advantages because of which slate tiles is used in interior as well as outdoor locations.

Slate tiles are available in different types of finishing. The most commonly used finishing type is cleft slate type. This form of finishing features peaks, as well as breaks, within the stone's surface. This finishing type is natural and appears to have been removed directly from a mountainside. Other types of finishing include hones slate and brushed slate. The main features of slate are thermal resistance and resistance to slip even when wet or greased. Many customers prefer to buy slate tiles because it is one of that timeless style equipment that will never go out of fashion.

 Today, a customer is always ready to pay anything so that his/her home looks better than that of the neighbors. There are many color and design options available in the market when one opts for slate flooring therefore, consumers can select their choices according to the choice and budget. Overall, this is a perfect choice for anybody who would like to add a bit of glamour to their house at a price that is affordable, for a product that is durable. Slate flooring is also in huge demands amongst the designers. As slate is a hard wearing and durable product and is very much suitable for areas that are prone to wear and tear. But the disadvantage of installing slate tile for flooring is that one needs to put a little more time and effort into maintenance as opposed to a porcelain or ceramic tiling. But, frankly speaking, the unique appearance of slate flooring is definitely worth the time and effort to own.

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