Your hard earned money posse a great value and has to be spend on something class worthy. While renovating or building home you take care of every building material including tile. Obviously, it has to figure at top in each of your requirement. Selection of a perfect tile is not just depends upon your list of requirement. There are various aspects you have to take care like, room to be tile, place, surface etc. Slate tile is one of the many natural tiles that are adorable among the builders and decorators. There are many reasons of their popularity:

 Durability: Slate tiles are known for its strength and durability. Even after the long use it doesn't lose its charm. Soft maintenance will help it to last it long.

 Weather resistant: No matter where you lay them it has no effect of weather. So you can install them outside as well. Their efficiency to withstand weathering makes it competent to last long than any other tiles.

 Color and designs:Slate tiles are a favorite tiling idea of home decorators for flooring, roofing, counter top and other applications. This is due to the fact that there are endless color choices that can be chosen to shield any corner of your house with an array of stylish tiles.

 Heat resistance:They are thermal resistant. It means they can be installed in kitchen area like walls as they bear maximum heat generated through burners and other heating instruments. This property also makes it an excellent material for kitchen counter top. It has a wonderful feature of which surprisingly can balance the equilibrium of temperature in the room, either for creating radiant heat or chill.

 Slip resistant:Its slip-resistant characteristic makes it an ideal option for areas where heavy foot traffic or humidity is expected. Bathrooms, public and commercial complexes are very common known places where there are high chances of slipping.

 Slate tiles are internationally acclaimed tiles that have huge number of applications. It not juts its beauty or elegance that raise the value of house, but they are extremely capable to retain its charisma for long. Since, slate tiles are available in darker shades dirt are almost invisible on the surface. With so much of advantage it has become a rebellion alternative for all the available tiles in the market.

If you start to find color and designs you will surely confused as what to choose and what to avoid as the range is really tremendous. Therefore as whole slate makes a very nice choice who want a suitable decorative item for their home interior.

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