Is it just us, or does everyone feel like they've been waiting years for the sophomore season of “Sleepy Hollow” to make its anticipated debut? OK, so maybe we’re being a bit dramatic seeing as the finale episode aired in January 2014, but you can’t blame us for getting antsy over the return of our favorite Fox drama, especially when spoilers tease that fans should expect to meet a new horseman come episode 2.

Oh yeah, you heard right: a new horseman! But which one will it be? Well, we’ve already had the pleasure of meeting Death and War, which only means one thing -- Conquest and Famine are next! During an interview at PaleyFest, Mark Goffman hinted that Season 2 will embody the theme of war. So does that mean we should anticipate Conquest’s debut?

To be fair, we’ve met Conquest before -- well, kind of -- when he was chasing little Thomas Grey into Sleepy Hollow with hopes of spreading a plague through the modern-day town. Ichabod Crane and Abbie Mills prevailed in solving the case and saving lives, which caused death to combust into dust particles. But it looks like “ashes to ashes” means nothing to this supernatural villain.

Another reason we think Conquest will be the third horsemen to reveal his story is because he’s known as the Third of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse in history. It would only make sense for him to follow suite.

E! News even hinted that fans would get to meet a new, tall, muscular horseback rider who is allegedly wicked with a sword and stunts. Good with a blade, eh? Conquest has been described as a Japanese Samurai who wields a bow while sitting upon a black horse. Hmm, curious if you ask us!

Although the title for episode 2 is still unknown, we know that it will be following the Season 2 premiere dubbed “Hellfire.” And with a heated title like that, you know anything that follows will be burning hot with drama, too.

Which horseman do you think will make his debut in episode 2 of “Sleepy Hollow”? Sound off with your predictions in the comments section below.