The Brooklyn noise pop music duo, Sleigh Bells, appeared on Saturday Night Live on Feb. 18 to play songs from their second album, “Reign of Terror,” which will be released on Feb. 21.

The group is composed of songwriter, guitarist and producer Derek Edward Miller and singer-songwriter Alexis Krauss. Both Miller and Krauss were in bands before the popular Sleigh Bells. Miller was the former guitarist of the hardcore band Poison the Well and Krauss was a member of Rubyblue.

The duo met when Miller was waiting tables at a Brazilian restaurant in 2008. Miller mentioned he was looking for a female vocalist to Krauss and her mother who were dining at the restaurant. Krauss’ mother immediately offered her daughter as a volunteer. Miller and Krauss released a 7-track self-titled EP later that year. The band quickly gained acclaim when “Stereogum” named them the Band to Watch in October 2009 and their song “Crown on the Ground” was named the 57th best track of 2009.

“Reign of Terror” is Sleigh Bell’s second studio album. The duo began tracking songs for the album in June 2011 and it will be released later this week on Feb. 21. Sleigh Bells previously released their first studio album, “Treats,” in May 2010. The band then performed at a number of music festivals, including Coachella, Primavera and Pitchfork in 2010.

Following the release of “Reign of Terror,” Sleigh Bells will be touring throughout the United States. The duo was featured on SNL on Feb. 18 as a preview to their upcoming album.

Watch Sleigh Bells perform “Comeback Kid” and “End of the Line” on SNL: