Attitude Drinks Inc. is an innovative beverage, brand development and marketing company focused on delivering experiential, functional and healthful beverages. The company’s competitive advantage lies in its innovation and experienced and highly professional team who provide expertise in beverage innovation, market/trade introduction, product implementation, and marketing initiatives.

Encouraging potential and achieving long-term profitable growth is what drives the Attitude team to make the best use out of each opportunity. That opportunity began with Vis Viva™, Attitude’s first developed brand launched in February ’08. With Attitude Drinks’ sights set on the premium energy drink and functional beverage categories, Vis Viva™ is to be followed by products currently in the exploration and development stages.

Along with strategic partnerships and strong market positioning, Attitude Drinks is committed to identifying new space and opportunity in an ever changing energy drink market. The company believes this dedication will lead to a line of distinguished brands with unmistakable brand quality.

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