Viper Networks, Inc. is focused on providing VoIP products and services through distributors and resellers around the world. Serving over 350 countries and regions, the company offers both network services and equipment to its customers. Viper Networks provides high quality and cost effective VoIP solutions for domestic and international long distance consumers in both the consumer and business markets.

Secure global communications is growing in demand. Although distance is not an obstacle, communications cost are. Both individuals and enterprises are continually required to place more and more international calls to get in touch with their friends, relatives, business associates, and clients. Viper Networks offers the solution for simple, low-cost one-to-one conversation.

As more and more businesses go global, it’s not uncommon to have company-wide conference calls that connect people in different parts of the world. Low rates, reliable, high quality connection are the three factors that fuel the efficiency of the global enterprise and the success of day-to-day business.

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