Advanced Medical Isotope Corporation (ADMD.PK) develops advanced production systems and processes in the nuclear medicine industry. The Company’s primary focus is on making previously unavailable medical isotopes, such as radioisotopes and stable isotopes, more available to the medical marketplace. In addition, the company leads the way to advanced systems for local product production. The company encourages using less invasive therapeutic processes, liked medical imaging, rather than highly invasive surgical approaches in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases like cancer.

Advanced Medical has the rights to an advanced design compact system. This system is used in a series of medical radioisotopes for the advancement of medical imaging diagnostics. Positron Emission Tomography, also known as PET scanning, or imaging, is a newer diagnostic imaging device. PET scans are used to identify, isolate and target cancerous growths. Using Advanced Medical’s isotopes reduces the process losses that occur when using isotopes produced in a university, or government, reactor. The company intends to develop a larger and more impressive portfolio of isotope products in order to offer more options to the medical industry.

Advanced Medical Isotope owns the Life Sciences Division of Isonics. Both companies saw the need to supply isotopes for use in life sciences applications. When chemically compounded, isotopes concentrate on specific parts of the body after an implantation, injection, inhalation, or ingestion. The most common application is cancer imaging and treatment.

Isotopes are incredibly vital tools in medicine and scientific research. The company reports that more than 12 million nuclear medicine procedures, like PET scans, are performed annually in the US, and that approximately one-third of all patients admitted to a hospital undergo at least one procedure that uses a medical isotope. With an aging population, these numbers are expected to increase.

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